Saturday, April 16, 2011

Winning the Battle!

Joshua 7:1-13 - God allowed Israel to loose in battle because of their disobedience to Him. God always disciplines His children (Heb.12:7-11) and He does it for our own good. Because of their sin they had "been made liable to destruction." Sin doesn't separate believers from God or His love for us (Rom.8:38-39) but it does hinder my fellowship with Him and keeps me from His blessing and protection (1 Cor.11:29-30, Acts 5:1-11). When I obey God, I see Him come through which results in more trust, more obedience and more of Him coming through. When I disobey Him I get the natural consequences of my sin and often times, like Joshua in this passage, we go back to God asking why He allowed the hardship. When we see the fruit of our selfishness and sin, both individually and as a country we can't turn around and ask God why. The reason is simple, we saddled this pony and now we're going to ride it (Hos.8:7, Job.4:8). Fortunately, Joshua 8:1-29 tells us Israel repented, turned back to God and experienced victory. I pray the same will be true of us!

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