Thursday, April 14, 2011

We will miss you Liz!

I just received the e-mail that Liz went home to be with Jesus. I am sure there is no other place she'd rather be and am full of joy for her life well lived and the fulfillment of all she ever lived for today! Liz did a DTS on the YWAM base in Elm Springs, Arkansas when my parents were on staff there (when I was a boy). Even back then Liz always stuck out in my mind as an example of joy, surrender to God, passion for seeing the lost saved and a complete commitment to serving our Savior. She became very close friends with my mom and I had the opportunity to get to know her then. She spent time overseas in ministry and had a huge heart for missions! She and her amazing parents, Marian and Fred have encouraged and supported us in many ways since we went into full time ministry 7 years ago. Liz even did a skype interview with us for the whole church in Bentonville last August. All of you that get our newsletter have been praying for Liz the past 2 years. Thank you so much. It is hard to see such an amazing woman of God die (we will miss her) but like I said in the beginning, I KNOW she is ecstatic right now! Thank you Jesus for the hope we have, that of an eternity with you and each other!

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