Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hopeless, afraid, confused, anxious, sad or depressed?

Imagine the hopelessness, fear, confusion, anxiety, sadness and depression those who loved Jesus felt after he died. Indeed, everything seemed to have been lost. Saturday was the day it seemed God lost. We've all experienced those times of pain, sorrow and doubt. Unbeknownst to them, Sunday was coming! Jesus would indeed rise from that grave and conquer death. This would be the greatest story of God's victory. But Saturday they had no clue. The hope that Jesus gives us is all that brings us through those dark times of life. Thank you Jesus for conquering death, sin and hopelessness! Thank you Father for sending your Son. Enjoy Easter this weekend. Remember what all we're celebrating. Share the hope you have with those around you today! Check out the MP3 of the God Solution show this week on "Irrefutable Evidence for Easter" below:

And finally, check out this great little video titled "Sunday's Coming."


  1. Just wanted to say that this was a great post. Something I hadn't thought of. I had to blog about it after I read it. Thank you so much for continuing to challenge and encourage so many!