Monday, April 18, 2011

Dear students, Put it all on the line! We love you.

If ever there was a time to put it all on the line and go big for Jesus it is now!!! I am writing this post to each of you students that are passionately, fervently, tirelessly, courageously, powerfully, authentically and energetically taking risks and pushing as hard as you can to make Jesus known at FLC! It has been the greatest joy of our ministry lives working with each of you this year. We are humbled that God would allow us to be a part of all He is doing on campus. We are grateful for each of you, for your friendship and for the amazing opportunity it has been to serve along side you. You've heard me say many times that some of the greatest stories we've ever been part of happened the last week of school. This is it! This is the last time to share in your classes, with your room mates, with the students you cross paths with each day and  with your professors. This is the last week to make every discipleship appointment count. This is the time to make your last Bible study of the semester visionary! This is the last chance many of you will have to hang out for a long time! Make the most of it. Russ, Linda, Leah, Stephanie, Erin and I are SO (!!!) proud of you and thank God for you. We love you. We can't wait to see you tomorrow. Go big for Jesus this week guys! 

Here is a short message I shared with some graduating seniors a few years back and I feel it would be appropriate for you as you think about finishing strong. I love each of you! Philippians 3!

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