Sunday, March 27, 2011

Expanding Your Expectations!

I love 1st B! I had the privilege of speaking at 1st B here in Durango today! Thank You Jeff, Gary, Nate and everyone that makes 1st B so awesome. I am sure this message will encourage you on living by faith and expanding your view of God and expecting Him to come through in every situation you find yourself in. There is a lot in the talk (and you can get the notes here) so I won't get into all of it here.

Here is the EXPAND acronym for expanding your view of God: Engage with God!
 Get to know God and your expectations will inevitably increase!
 It’s been said that we only respect God as much as we respect His Word!
 XXL - Ps.69:30 - Magnify God with Thanksgiving!
 Pound your comfort zones! 
Take risks for Him, in His power, for His glory!
 Accountability and Spurring Fellowship (Heb.10:24-25). Never look back, press forward. Php.3 tells us to worship by the Spirit of God, glory in Christ Jesus, put no confidence in the flesh, consider everything else trash compared to Christ, knowing Him and His power, forgetting everything that is behind and pressing forward!
 Do it in the power of the Holy Spirit!
 Get in the action & get addicted to a life of seeing God come through and watching Him show up, doing more than you ever imagined He could or would, for His own glory. Trust Him and put it all on the line!

I hope that encourages you. Check out the MP3 below (sorry for the sound quality - I recorded it on my phone)!

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