Friday, February 18, 2011

What's so Great About Christianity?

I love! You can sure get through a lot of books when you can listen to them anywhere you go on your phone or ipod. I just finished "What's so Great About Christianity" and thought it was an interesting read with some great philosophical discussions. Dinesh didn't take a meticulous evidence based approach in this book but rather more of a philosophical one. I also found the blanket acceptance of evolution odd and think Dinesh showed a lack of a grasp on the biological facts. He used examples of evolution, like peppered moths and bacteria - which are examples of microevolution and nothing more. I liked his approach of telling the atheists that even if evolution is true it changes nothing. He challenged Dawkins' "Blind Watchmaker" claiming he gets nowhere by positing the existence of a factory (evolution) to explain the existence of a watch (life) claiming the factory is even more elaborate than the watch. I also liked his philosophical challenge to Darwinists to leave evolution to its own realm instead of imposing its ideology on the rest of us. I still think he should read up a lot more in the area of evolution. He had some great arguments about the good of Christianity and harm of disbelief in God and interesting observations on numerous authors' works. He also did a great job stressing the reality and necessity of hell. I liked the book from a philosophical perspective and thought it was an interesting read but don't plan on giving many copies of it out. It isn't the hard hitting evidence based approach I had hoped it would be. It is a good book to get your non-Christian friends thinking but there are other books that would probably do a better job.

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