Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Top 10 Failed Evangelism Ideas!

I just read this funny post from Grant's Graceland (I don't know much about this blogger but thought this list was funny and thought provoking). Here they are, the top 10 failed evangelism ideas (posted from, enjoy:

  • With the obvious popularity of Christian Bumper Stickers, who could have predicted the demise of the ill-fated Christian forehead sticker?
  • The organization "Abductions for Jesus", while well-meant, has been considered a little too extreme by most!
  • While handing out free bibles was a great idea, dropping them from a helicopter in the mall parking lot, created some problems!
  • No matter how many times they tweaked their program, "Tupperware For Christ" just wasn't a fresh enough idea!
  • Who would have thought that the church offering of a free community car wash could have ended so badly? Then again, who could be expected to remember that "the late" Pastor Bill liked to store his used paint thinner in car-wax containers?
  • Offering bungee jumping from the church steeple certainly attracted a younger target audience. Unfortunately, no one seemed to remember who was responsible for making sure that the bungee cord wasn't too long!
  • The enthusiastic youth group of Hornblast Meadows Christian Church decided it was time to revisit the age old idea of going door to door. Unfortunately the idea of trying it with cars, in rush hour traffic, just ran out of gas!
  • Jittery Hills Baptist Church thought it was a great idea to offer free coffee and donuts to everyone who visited. Unfortunately, all the police cruisers in the church parking lot sent the wrong message to the community!
  • The evangelism committee of Faux Pas Valley Community Church still stands behind the idea of a community BBQ. Next time though, they won't BBQ a pig in this mostly Jewish neighborhood!
  • And the number one failed evangelism idea is:
  • Leaving the lost for your minister to save!

Good point. With that in mind, don't believe the top 10 lies about evangelism, try these evangelism ideas that do work and if you just don't want to share, watch the video below for 8 reasons not to share your faith!

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