Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lie Detector Day 1

The Lie Detector from Living Waters came in yesterday morning (see more and/or buy it here)  so we tried it out on campus yesterday. We'll be trying out more today as well. At first it was hard to get into conversations with people.  Several turned Jack and me down; many more than normally would. Those that did it thought it was fun, funny and interesting. Malcolm and I got into a great conversation with "J." After doing the "lie detector test" I said, "this is just a funny illustration of what Jesus said in Lk.18:19, that no one is good but God alone. What do you think of that statement?" He told us he was spiritual but didn't believe in Jesus. He was very interested in all of this and continued asking tons of questions regarding Jesus, the Bible, other religions, heaven, hell, salvation and various other spiritual topics. We were able to go through each main point of the gospel with him and he eventually had to take off. I think we talked with him for about 45 minutes. It was a great conversation and proof, yet again, that the method or tool isn't what matters most - people are being drawn to Jesus and whatever you can do to engage them in a conversation about Him is great! Can't wait to see how round 2 goes today! Pray for us. 

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