Saturday, January 1, 2011

Flash Mob New Year!!!

What a night!!! Last night we (along with 1000 college students) were part of an evangelism flash mob that spanned 8 blocks of the 16th street mall. At exactly 8:15 pm all 1,000 of us froze in unique positions for 5 minutes. It drew a ton of peoples' attention which translated into hundreds of evangelistic conversations. Leah and Malcolm even got the opportunity to lead one person (Matt) to Christ! No doubt many more did as well! Awesome!!! Here's a short video I took in my frozen poze - and it was freezing!!!

I had the opportunity to share with Mike shortly after the flash mob. I walked up to him and asked, "what are you celebrating this New Year?" He replied, "I am thankful to God." I asked what it was that he was thankful for and he said, "being alive." I asked what he meant by that and he went on to tell me that he has been fighting with liver cancer for 3 years and is nearing the end of his options. He continued, saying, "but, I'm not afraid to die." I asked why not and he replied, "because I know I will be in heaven." He continued, saying, "I have Jesus in my heart so I have nothing to fear." Wow. I wanted to share the gospel with him but ended up being encouraged by his simple trust in our Savior. I grabbed Austin and Ricardo (who had just finished sharing with another lady) and the 3 of us prayed for Mike until his bus arrived. We told him you would pray for him too. Before he left he said, "I know God sent you, you have really encouraged me." I kind of felt the same way about him. Mike is pictured below; please keep praying God would heal him and make him a witness through this.

After that we returned to the hotel just in time to see the fireworks! It was a great time.

As we begin the new year I wanted to start with an encouragement to make this our strongest year of evangelism yet! Let's try to share our faith every day and trust God for great things.

Well, I've been blogging from my phone this week so I will keep this short. Happy new year!!!

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