Thursday, December 16, 2010

Evangelism Idea #10: Christmas Decorations.

I'm sure there are some holdouts out there, those of you like us who have put off decorating. Maybe you've wanted to but just haven't had the time. That's where we're at. Anyway, you still have time to be creative with how you decorate the inside and outside of your home. Find ornaments and decorations for your interior that will point visitors to Jesus (see some examples here). It's your house so go all out. Have fun for the glory of God! As far as the outside decorating goes, the sky's the limit. You could spell out an evangelistic message in lights (like the example on the in the picture - I found this picture on line), put out a lighted nativity set (get one here) or do something as simple as putting out a cross of lights. Each of these simple decorating ideas will add a little Christmas cheer and point people back to Jesus, the reason for the season! Check out the over the top decorating example below!!! Get other great Christmas evangelism ideas here. Merry Christmas!

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