Friday, November 19, 2010

50 Countries!!!

Wow! has now officially been read in 50 countries; that is more than one fourth of the 192 countries in the world! We've only been up since July but are excited God is expanding this blog to encourage and equip people all over the world towards fulfilling the Great Commission. Here are a few things we'd like to highlight while on the topic of reaching the world for Christ:

Thank you all who are reading this blog! Please follow us if you haven't yet and please share this blog with your friends! God is working around the world (remember the story of the 3,000 terrorists who recently came to Christ and are now being discipled) and we hope you are as excited as us about taking His Good News to the ends of the earth. As we mark the 50th country (which was Luxembourg!!!) I wanted to say thank you to all you international readers and encourage you all, once again to get excited about what God is up to around the globe (see below)!

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