Monday, September 20, 2010

You and I can reach the WHOLE world!

What if we started spiritually multiplying once a year each year? That is by no means impossible. Let's just start with you and me. Let's say we each led 1 person to Christ this year and discipled them so we and they could do the same next year and this process continued the 3rd, 4th, 5th and following years. If we were committed to this simple process exponential growth would soon take over and we would reach about 4,000 in the first 10 years, 4,000,000 in the first 20 years and over 4 billion within 30 years. The 31st year the doubling would encompass the whole population of earth. The population in 2041 is expected to be around 9 billion people. By that same year, if just you and me began this process, the whole earth could be reached within our lifetimes! If all 1 billion Christians worldwide began doing this the whole world could be reached in the next 4 years! Why aren't we doing this? I fear we have become to comfortable and complacent as individuals and have forgotten this is the command Christ left us with in Mt.28:18-20. We have gotten sidetracked and aren't obeying our savior. For all of us in ministry there is a higher accountability here. It seems we have trained this generation of believers to do everything but the Great Commission. What a tragedy. We need to begin leading and training our ministries in the Great Commission. We need to begin focussing on what Jesus focussed on, not all the peripheral issues we have become preoccupied with. Winning the whole earth to Jesus is not just possible, it could even happen in our lifetimes. What if you and me took the challenge today and started on this journey? I'm in, are you? If you want to be "in" but don't know how, check out the MP3 below for strategy on how to make this happen!

This video is pretty interesting. Some points are a little off (Ex. not just children are interested) but overall it is a great reminder!

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