Sunday, September 26, 2010

Forgive Me

I blew it. I failed. We've all been there. We see someone we know God tells us to share with and we don't! We rationalize, procrastinate, avoid and make excuses. Yep, that was me, yesterday. We spent the day as a family out hiking around in the fall colors. We stopped in Silverton for funnel cakes and coffee. While there God drew my attention to a teenage boy. He seemed very needy for friends. He was trying to start a conversation with the shop owner but kept getting shut down. I could sense his disappointment growing with each rejection. I knew God was leading me to initiate a conversation and share Jesus with him. I waited, I rationalized, I made excuses. "This is a family day, I shouldn't be thinking about ministry," was the predominant line of thought. There was some truth to that as there always is with every lie. It is so important to protect those special times as a family, BUT, God was leading me to share with this young man and I didn't. As he was leaving, my daughter ran out in front of him and as I grabbed her he said, "I'm sorry, she's so cute." All I said was, "thanks." I watched him walk away with a growing sense of conviction that I blew this opportunity and disobeyed God. We've all been there. I can't stop thinking about this boy. I wish I would have shared with him. Thank God He is greater than my failures! Thank God there is no condemnation for those who are in Him (Rom.8:1). Thank God He can still reach this boy for Himself! God please reach that young man today, please let him hear the Good News today! If you've ever failed in evangelism (and we all have) choose to walk in His mercy and grace, learn from it, grow and be ready to take the step of obedience the next time an opportunity arises.

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