Saturday, July 12, 2014

New Evangelism Book

I'm super sorry I haven't been blogging on this blog lately. Finishing seminary, raising a family and writing two books have made it almost impossible. Sorry! I've put most of this blog into a new book, titled 101 Easy, Effective and Exciting Evangelism Ideas. Even though this site has more than 101 evangelism ideas, I've consolidated many (like the 25 Christmas ideas) into 1 so the book actually has several ideas the site doesn't. It also has some great evangelism training and a ton of new ideas. Anyway, It's an incredibly encouraging book on evangelism and I hope you'll check it out (you can get it here). Also, get the Kindle version for just $0.99 here. I hope you'll also check out my other training workbook, Great Commission Leadership, you can get that here. Thanks so much for reading this blog, I hope you're encouraged by all that's here!

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