Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The BEST FACTS Explained!

The BEST FACTS acronym is a great resource.

The BEST acronym defends the existence of God and stands for:

B - Beginning of the Universe and Life.

E - Engineering of the Universe for Life.

S - Standards and Morality.

T - Truth About Jesus.

The FACTS acronym defends the reliability of the Bible and stands for:

F - Foretells the Future.

A - Archeologically Accurate.

C - Contradiction Free

T - Translated Correctly.

S - Scientific Statements.

Check out the notes here and MP3 below for more info. Also, get the BEST FACTS tract here (this is a great resource to help you remember the acronym and share it with those you love). Just print front and back, fold, staple and cut. Hope it helps.

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