Wednesday, March 28, 2012


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  1. I am off to church at that time. believe in miracles..I have seen many of my own. David Hume lives in his head so will never see a miracle because he always rationalise them.I believe that would make that man so boring. God is beyond the laws of nature... No Science can't tell us everything. I have watched dvd's on the science of life and many times we have to admit, there must be a God because we are so amazingly made.

  2. Interesting you use statistics to 'prove' miracles. If I throw a million beans accross the room at a soda can, eventually some will land in the opening and it will be filled up with beans. That is not a miracle.

    People often attribute something they can't understand as a 'miracle'. The Sumarians, Egyptians, Toltecs, etcs... All thought it was a miracle that the sun rose rose everyday and the moon rose at night, eventually this was shown to be not a miracle, but a result of physics and astronomy. Trying to prove the existence of god through the presence of the unknown is hardly a rational way to go about things. Having a predetermined conclusions and then using the scientific method in ways that only support a predetermined conclusion is misleading and far from objective.

    As a well educated man of god, you have surely heard the old argument of "if god is real and performs miracles why have no amputees ever grown their limb back?". I'm sure you're quite sick of this question, but it is a very good one. Even with science we don't understand the power of the body to heal and regenerate, yet NEVER has there been a case of a limb growing back. Why, if god is so great, has he/she never allowed a good christian to grow back a limb. If this were to happen it would be quite powerful evidence for the actual existence of god based miracles.......

    The use of the word 'miracle' gets quite old in my mind. Many people use miracle to explain anything that science can not easily explain. Our world's continuing understanding of science, chemistry, geology, has shown that many previous 'miracles' are actually quite tangible and easily explained by science. I really think that as our world becomes more advanced we'll be able to explain more and more miracles with in more rational and understandable terms. History shows that previous miracles of shooting stars, immunology, weather, etc... are not actually miracles, but explained by easy to prove science......

    Have a great week! As always I may disagree but I enjoy your podcast and am always glad i stumbled across it. Also kudos to a liberal arts college in a liberal town for keeping it on the air.

  3. Reasonable Gentleman,
    Thanks for the comments. I never used statistics to prove miracles (miracles by definition would defy statistics). Where did you get that idea from? Also, about the amputee question, I have heard it often and found it funny. How could anyone say no amputee has ever had a limb grow back? I don't have complete knowledge of a the amputees of history. Of course I'd agree it isn't common or likely but how in the world do you support the "never" concept? Just curious. Christ's resurrection is a fact of history and if we have a resurrection I'm OK with the lack of evidence for healed amputees (life after death is a greater promise than limbs after amputations). On that note, I'm trying to get Dr. Habermas (the world's leading expert on the resurrection) back on the show for Easter next week (he's waiting on a few things but said he wants to do the show). I hope you'll tune in for that. Finally, you're always very kind and it is a real pleasure discussing things with you on the blog. Thanks so much for your comments. Have a great Monday.

  4. I just have a feeling that had an amputee grown a limb back many christians would herald the fact as a miracle. We see faith healings on evangelical broadcasts..... I also don't find christ's resurrection as a fact of history, it is a repeated tale, but I have yet to see conclusive evidence that it ever happened. Many other religions have tales they present as 'facts of history'.....

    I was unaware of Dr. Habermas until you mentioned him. I do look forward to listening to the podcast if he indeed can make the show.

  5. I'd have to agree there are a lot of sensationalistic voices heralding illegitimate miracles but that doesn't discredit all miracles or historical miracles. You can find some of our past interviews with Habermas here: - I think you'll enjoy them. I hope he'll be on this Sunday.