Saturday, March 17, 2012

2 St. Patrick's Day Evangelism Ideas

Happy St. Patrick's day! Idea #1 - I just received an e-mail from Global Short Film Networks. They encouraged us to share the video below on social media, asking people what they would do if they could be so "lucky?" You can get the link for this video and do that yourself here: You can see some of our videos on using these tools here. After sharing the video, begin working through the sound barriers to share your faith. Idea #2 - Tell the true story of St. Patrick! You can get that here. St. Patrick went from slavery in Ireland to abolishing slavery there and leading much of that Island to Christ. He was one of the first successful missionaries and a tremendous figure. Definitely check out the history of St. Patrick for more on his evangelism strategy. I hope you have a great St. Patrick's day and I hope you get to share your faith today! 

On a side note, CJ (of Patrick Crossing) is going to be on the radio today, on KSUT, 91.3 fm today at noon and he and his band will be playing at the Irish Embassy starting at 5 pm. 

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