Thursday, November 10, 2011

Society's Sea of Lies

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  1. Why can I not be a master of my own destiny and not need religion. Obviously, rape, sex trafficking, etc... are all bad. This podcast that not so subtlety suggest that I will become a horrible person if I don't accept Jesus into my life is ridiculous.

    I am a self avowed aetheist, yet I am active in the community, volunteer, and help my neighbors. In fact I live as good as most any other christian. I do these things as I believe in Humanity - nothing more. If people need to beleive in a higher power to fight the urge to act poorly that is fine. Anything that helps combat 'sin' is a good thing. I just don't need to be afraid of fire and brimstone to do the right thing.

    Speaking of statistics:

    84% of people in the US prison system are Christian (D.o.C.) while 74% of US citizens are Christian. this infers christians are 13% more likely to commit crimes.

    100% of pedophile priests are Christians.

    Christians are the overwhelming majority of the popullation that picket and/or assault Planned Parenthood employees.

    See statistics can be fun, and used for whatever point you want to make. As Mark Twain once said "There are lies, damned lies and statistics"

    If you start to use statistics as empirical evidence prepare to have the same used against you. What are the sources you used for you statistics on cohabitation vs divorce?

    It's okay to beleive anything you want, just be careful when you manipulate numbers to make your point- you may very well do a dis service to christians and their legitimacy.....

    Have a great friday, and enjoy the weekend!

  2. Thanks or the comment. As far as the prison stats, I have many friends that are reaching out to those in prison with hope of forgiveness and many are trusting Christ, hence the wonderful stats you've shared. It is very exciting that those who don't follow Christ (as exemplified by the actions that got them there in the 1st place) are finding him there. Obviously pedophile priests would be titles Christians (their priests) but their very actions show they are as far from Christian as could be. We judge philosophies by their correct application, not their abuse. The stats for sexual abuse of children are astronomically high in todays "alternative" families and Christians, coincidentally, are the ones standing up to protect those kids, as well as kids overseas, from these monsters. As far as picketing (because the assaulting issues is non-existent) - thank God Christians, again, are the ones peacefully fighting to save the lives PP is killing every day. And I have picketer friends who've been assaulted and arrested with no cause. You and I both are selfish and sinful and you know you need forgiveness and I do too. I'm not manipulating anything - the farther our society gets from God the worse we get in every regard. I hope you have a great Friday and weekend as well. Thanks again for commenting.

  3. To Anonymous... I am curious why a self proclaimed atheist is here listening to a Christian broadcast? Could it be that you are here searching for something or did you just come to voice your atheist opinions to a bunch of silly Christians? In any case there are a few things that are certain. Number one is, we know our Lord & savior. We see his presence everywhere we look. We do the charitable & evangelistic things we do because we love him & are grateful for what he did for us on the cross. Number 2... While we fear God's judgement, that is not the motivating factor for us. We follow Jesus not because we fear the father but because we love the son & we want to be like him & the things we do are in direct line with his teaching. Number 3... You have insured that any Christian that has seen your post is praying for you & your salvation. You may not see it or want to admit it but God does exist & he is alive & well & hard at work. We the believers are the body of Christ. It is our eyes that he uses to look upon the world. It is our feet that he uses to move about the world to do good & it is our hands that he uses to bless the world. I will be praying for you Anonymous. God bless. Reverend Greg Schiller, Saint Charles, Illinois.

  4. Reverend Greg,

    Don't fret- I am not looking for absolution, a higher power, nor an answer. I also don't find christians to be always 'silly' Many dear friend are christains.

    I also appreciate you and your neighbors praying for my soul, while it means nothing to me your gesture is noted. I suggest you turn your worry for me into the world as a whole. Your christian brethren are more likely to vote and support crazy people running for office. People like Beck, Palin, and Bachman- all who have overwhelming Christian support, only because they wave the Jesus flag around.

    I can't speak for you, but I have met many christian friends that claimed to pray for me, and they did, bit ultimately they also looked down on me as a lesser being because I did not accept your jesus as a part of my life. That is not compassion; it is vanity and self righteousness- both anti-christian views (as stated by christians)

    You may do charitable and evangelical things; that is admirable until it becomes forceful. However.....

    Charitable is defined as doing good things for the sake of doing them; simple as that. Doing good things to 'prove' or 'justify' something (god) is not charitable is self serving. You will inevitably answer that it is not self serving but your DUTY to share your god's love. This is not charitable, it is deflection. Doing good things is good. doing good things to convince is weak and selfish.

    Evangelicalism is where I draw the line. Evangelicals tell us that homosexual are rapists, deviants, etc. However what about christians (priests, Ted Haggard, etc...) Evangelicals tell us that if we don't accept Christ we will die a fiery death. Evangelicals are brain dead and led astray. If Jesus and God were so forgiving why would they care if I believed in them as long as I led a good life? If they care they suffer from vanity and break one of the 10 commandments. What if I lead a life along the 10 commandments and the golden rule (which I do) and yet did not worship or acknowledge them; would they accept me in to heaven? If jesus and god are the people their followers claim them to be would they accept me based on my life's path? (not likely) However, the evangelicals would suggest otherwise - this tells me the Evangelicals are hypocritical and misguided.

    Answer me this:

    If I tell my daughters and son that if they misbehave I will lock them in my crawlspace where they will be burned and be subjected to infinite suffering is it child abuse?

    How about if I tell my children that if they misbehave they will be banished to Hell by God where they will suffer burns and be tormented.... Is that child abuse?

    Both examples are the same, it is a threat to make sure the young ones conform to an orally passed down fable.

    The evangelicals I know say the first one is wrong but the second is okay. I call BS.


    If you and your friend want to pray for me I suggest you don't. Instead pray for our society where intolerance is dressed in a bible and a flag. Pray for the good but not god loving people that help their neighbors for no better reason that humanity and compassion. Pray for those that are so sold into a set notion that they revel in 'proving' their ideas. Pray for the sick A$$#$$% that comprise the Westboro Baptist Church, one of the sickest hate groups in existence.

    Namaste' and peace be upon you

  5. It is in Christianity that our arts have developed; it is in Christianity that the laws of Europe, until recently, have been rooted. It is against a background of Christianity that all of our thought has significance. T. S. Eliot, Christianity and Culture
    THE GRACE EFFECT is an observable phenomenon—that life is demonstrably better where authentic Christianity flourishes. Larry Alex Taunton
    Two of my favorite quotes about Christianity. You may not realize this but your own thoughts acts & deeds are based in Christian fundamental beliefs. True atheism is a philosophy that states what happens happens. There is no cause. Everything in the universe is random & therefor the want or need to do good things does not exist. Its all about the individual who is jud ged by no one & can do as he or she pleases. Take a look at places in the world where Christianity is not the foundation for the society. Those good deeds you spoke of don't exist. These places are in complete anarchy. Anonymous, You sound more like a Christian than you know. You sound more angry than atheist. Never the less, while I do pray for the world on a whole, I will be praying for in you in particular as well as will my brothers & sisters in Christ Jesus. Reverend Greg Schiller Saint Charles, Illinois