Friday, July 22, 2011

Get Out of Town!

One great way to share your faith is to go on a mission trip. Mission trips are often the first times most Christians share their faith and whether you've been sharing for years or haven't yet, you'll always be able to share on the trip. The picture to the left is from the last Romania mission trip we did. We've done and led trips over seas (my wife is on her way home from Cambodia now) as well as in country (Crush Fear) and think doing a missions trip is a great way to share your faith and develop a lifestyle of adventuresome, risk taking evangelism. So, to get started, check out Mission OutfittersGood to go adventures or Cru summer projects for trips you could join and then, get out of town, have a great adventure, share your faith and have a blast!!! Don't let support raising scare you, it is a great way to trust God and see Him come through for you (get some great resources on raising support here). Finally, if you just can't get away, don't miss this great opportunity to be an online missionary. Well, whether you've been on a hundred mission trips or haven't ever, I hope you'll take the next opportunity you have and trust God, sharing your faith on a mission trip!

Get more on living adventurously, taking risks for God here:

And check out the video from our last Crush Fear project here:

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