Tuesday, June 21, 2011

QR Code Evangelism

You've seen them, the weird, square bar code things (pictured above). They're actually called QR codes if you didn't know and they are a neat way to share info with the growing smartphone owning population. You can scan these with a QR code scanning app. I have the free QRReader app for my Iphone. You simply download the app onto your phone, then open it and scan the QR code and it will send you to whatever the code is linked to. In this case (the picture above) it is linked to everystudent.com, a great evangelistic site (go ahead and try scanning this picture and you'll figure out what I'm talking about). So that's where I'm going with this, why not use this media trend to share the Good News?

It is simple. Find an evangelistic site you would like to share with non-christians (here are a few possibilities) or write a note on your blog and copy the URL for whatever website you choose to use and paste it into the "Enter URL" section at quickqr.com. Then click the "Generate Code" button.

That will produce a .png image of your QR code that will direct anyone that scans it to the evangelistic site you choose. You could then upload that to facebook, other social media, e-mails or just print it off with a little note that you could leave around town. You could try to come up with creative ways to get people to scan it - like saying, "answers to life's questions" and then the picture of the QR code.

Whatever you do, this is one more simple way to share your faith. Why not give it a shot? Let me know what you think and how it works for you! Here's my example:

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