Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Evangelism Idea: Share on a Bus!!!

This is a really simple idea. Share on a bus! I was recently riding on my dad's bus and had numerous conversations about Christ and was amazed by the number of people he had been sharing with as well. It is very easy to meet someone by saying "hi" when they or you first get on the bus. From there you can quickly start a conversation and begin transitioning through the sound barriers. Usually, you'll have a captive audience long enough to share your testimony and/or go through a gospel presentation. It also seems that many of the people you'll find on the bus will be down and out and seriously needing prayer and encouragement. You'll undoubtedly have opportunities to pray for them as well. This is a super easy way to practice sharing your faith. Just head to the bus station, pray, get on a bus, and go for it! As Bill Bright would say, "Take the initiative in the power of the Holy Spirit and then trust the results to God!"

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