Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Grace is so nice!!!"

Yep. Those were the sweet words from Eliana's mouth this morning when she first learned what grace means. There is a certain activity that most kids her age are afraid of but that they need to learn. We reward that "activity" with gummy worms. This morning Eliana was begging for a gummy worm but we kept telling her not until you do you know what. She was pretty bummed with the situation. At about that time my sweet wife had to do this secret "activity" and it was then that we thought of the idea of using the situation to teach Eliana about grace. We told her, "when Mommy is done she'll get a gummy worm." I gave Erin the gummy worm and then she told Eliana, "the only way to get one of these is to use the potty. But you know what? I used the potty and I got a gummy worm but I want to give you my gummy worm. That is what we call grace. Jesus gives us grace!" Eliana then grabbed the gummy worm and exclaimed, "grace is so nice!" It was a fun way to illustrate grace to a two and a half year old! It was a great way to share the gospel, in a sense, at her level. Here you can see her excitedly showing off her prize! 

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