Thursday, April 14, 2011

Unity in the City!

Listen to the MP3 of "The God Solution" show #6 - "Unity in the City" below. Check out what Jeanne Zeman, Raymond Maestas, Jachin Pendleton, Kevin Dolbe, Gerry Geraghty and Russ Akins have to say! We are on the air Sunday mornings at 8:30 am. "The God Solution" is an interactive show that will discuss answers to humanity's questions about God and God's answers for Humanity's questions. I really hope you'll tune in and listen and share the program with friends as well. If you live in the area listen to the show on 91.9 or 93.9 FM. If you don't live in the area, feel free to check out the show online at If you like the show please let the wonderful folks at KDUR know. You can contact them by clicking here. They are also doing a pledge drive this week so let them know if you want to donate to keep this show and others on the air. Thanks a ton and tune in every Sunday at 8:30 am!

Special Note: KDUR is doing a spring fundraiser this week and they really need our support. Supporting KDUR will help keep this show going out over the airwaves and reaching people we probably won't otherwise reach. You can get in touch with the station at 970.247.7262 to make a donation.

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