Saturday, February 19, 2011

Life@Large: The gospel as a narrative story

Here is yet another great evangelism tool from CRU!!! I will quote the description of this great new tool straight from the CRU website and link the free download below: 

"As culture drifts further from a Christian worldview, communicating the gospel becomes more challenging. To understand Jesus Christ and what he has done is possible only when one understands the overall plan of the biblical story line. Life@Large is a simple, transferable means of communicating the gospel story line. You might think of Life@Large as the "Four Spiritual Laws" for a postmodern audience.

If you were to tell the Bible's story from beginning to end, how would you do it? Life@Large makes it easy. There are seven themes with a brief paragraph introduction to each:

1) Intimacy: Creation 
2) Betrayal: The Fall and our sin 
3) Anticipation: The Old Testament promise of a deliverer 
4) Pursuit: The life of Christ 
5) Sacrifice: His death and resurrection 
6) Invitation: This age and the opportunity to turn back to God 
7) Reunion: The age to come with judgment and eternal life.

As you can see, the Life@large outline provides a more comprehensive understanding of the gospel message and thus our need for a Savior

The pamphlet is designed to be a multipurpose tool, with a conversational presentation on the inside and a 'read on your own' narrative on the back. Unlike traditional evangelistic tools, Life@Large is not simply a presentation. It is a conversational guide. Success is not defined by making it through the booklet, but by having a significant spiritual conversation." Quoted from CRU's website. 

Get the free download here. Thanks CRU for another great resource!

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