Saturday, February 12, 2011

How to Share the Gospel in a Conversation About any Movie.

Entertainment permeates most Americans' lives. Many of your friends will see all the major movies that come out so how can you get to the gospel from a conversation about any of those movies, whether seen in the theater or rented? Simple! Follow these 3 easy steps. 1) Are there any Christian actors, influences or direct contributors to the movie? If so, mentioning them is a great way to begin transitioning to the Good News. You might think "In Hollywood?" Before you jump to conclusions about the godlessness of Hollywood, think of all the movies released recently that have Christian connections: The Chronicles of Narnia (you could easily mention C.S. Lewis and why he wrote the series; you coul also suggest one of his many classics like "Mere Christianity"), The Lord of the Rings (J.R. Tolkien was a committed believer who actually influenced Lewis for Christ), etc. Each of these present a great opportunity for the Gospel. 2) Are there any themes that are either Christian themes or anti-Christian themes? These are an obvious way to get to the gospel as well. Whether pro or con, it is easy to say what you liked or didn't like about the movie and to explain why: it either did or didn't jive with your values. You can visit for more ideas on Christian conversation topics for every new movie. 3) Does the movie address any social, moral or historical issues that you could bring a Christian perspective to? Look for opportunities to discuss your faith when talking about movies with an important message.

Those are just a few ways to get to the gospel from any movie you happen to be talking about. Please share any other ideas you have and please check out some of the evangelism ideas we've shared below for different movies. Finally, before you get burned by a bad movie, go to to see what's good (and they'll undoubtedly have even more conversation topics in their analysis of each movie!

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  1. is a Christian movie review website that you may be interested in! They have over 6,000 movie reviews from a Christian perspective, Red Carpet videos and interviews with the top entertainers in Hollywood. It is an excellent resource for Christian families and you may want to consider linking them next time you talk about movies