Monday, January 24, 2011

Say You're Sorry!

We've all had disagreements with people in our spheres of influence. Sometimes we've even hurt non-Christian friends of ours. The natural tendency in those situations is to think we've ruined our opportunity to share Christ with them. Well, not necessarily! Sometimes telling a non-Christian friend or co-worker you've hurt that you're sorry can open up into an amazing opportunity to share with them. The world is full of pride, arrogance, gossip, slander and running over each other to climb the social latter. When you humble yourself and genuinely apologize, it will get peoples' attention and they're entire perspective will likely change. Your vulnerability, humility and kindness will be very attractive. Almost every time I've done this they ask me why I did it. That always opens up an opportunity to share about Christ. Give it a shot, ask the Holy Spirit to remind you of any of your non-Christian friends you've wronged and then try this evangelism idea! 

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