Thursday, December 23, 2010

Evangelism Idea #22: Tell Your Guests About Candy Canes.

I'm sure you'll have lots of guests over for Christmas or be a guest along with many others this weekend. Candy canes are a great intro to share the gospel, especially with children. Tradition tells us the candy cane's shape as a "J" should remind us of Jesus and when flipped around remind us of a shepherd's staff and how each of us are His sheep (Jn.10). The white color of the candy cane stands for purity. The large red stripe reminds us of His blood which he shed for our sins to make us pure before God while the 3 small stripes represent the trinity. Talk about a great way to get to the gospel from something that will most likely be a decoration wherever you spend Christmas this Saturday. Get more info on the tradition of candy canes by clicking here and don't miss these other easy Christmas evangelism ideas! Merry Christmas!!!

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