Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Evangelism Idea #19: Tell People about Santa!

Santa is real! You probably already knew that. I'm obviously not talking about the pudgy character dressed in red pictured on the left! Our society has lost the true meaning of Christmas and perverted it with a commercial perspective epitomized by the character we call Santa Claus. Erin and I don't tell our kids about Santa but think the topic is a great way to transition back to Jesus and the gospel. Next time you hear people talking about Santa, go ahead and tell them the real story. Nicholas was a wealthy man, orphaned as a boy, who loved God and desired to serve Him. Because scripture tells us to give to the poor he spent his life, as a minister, giving away his wealth and providing for the needs of children and the needy. Many of the traditions we have about Santa Claus arose from his efforts - like those of dropping gold coins anonymously down chimneys for poor families. Whatever the case, next time you hear people talking about Santa, go ahead and tell them the true story of a man who loved God so much that he was willing to give all he had to love others as well. That will give you an interesting and easy start to sharing about the greatest gift ever given, the gift that inspired Nicholas to give the way he did and the gift that we celebrate at Christmas - Jesus! Get more info on the real Santa here. I hope you get a chance to try this idea out along with the other Christmas evangelism ideas we've posted! Merry Christmas!

Here's an interesting video that tells a bit more about Nicholas:

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