Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Evangelism Idea #11: Party!

Christmas is only 9 days away! This is definitely the time of year for Christmas party. This idea is pretty simple. Throw one yourself. You could either throw a Christmas party before Christmas and invite a ton of friends (especially those you want to share the Good News with) or you could just invite people over for your actual Christmas celebration. Either way you can plan the event in such a way that you can clearly refer to the gospel and share with your loved ones in a very warm and friendly way.

The picture above was taken at our student Christmas party last week. You can read more about a similar party we hosted for thanksgiving here. These are fun times where people get to know each other and hear about Jesus and anyone could host these types of events. Only 9 days left before Christmas, hope you get a chance to throw and evangelistic Christmas party! Get more Christmas evangelism ideas here. Merry Christmas!

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