Monday, October 11, 2010

Sharing the Good News Couldn't Possibly Get Easier Than This!

Here's the simplest idea for sharing your faith you will probably ever hear. Share an evangelistic website with a friend and post it to your social networks. Several ministries focus completely on reaching people through the web. These typically reach thousands daily with the gospel (more on that below). Check out's vision here. So here is the idea: think through any friends you have that don't yet know Jesus and send them a message encouraging them to check out one of the following sites. If the person is a college student send them to and send anyone else to You should also post these links to your facebook, twitter or other social media with a short message like, "want to know more about Jeus, click here." If you think these sites are irrelevant, think again; yesterday 1,978 put their trust in Christ on the site and as I write, early this morning, over 11,000 people have already put their trust in Christ on and other Global Media Outreach sites. You can see some of those live decisions on the interactive map below or by clicking here (this site will blow your mind). You never know, one of those live decisions for Christ might end up being one of your friends! And, in case you were wondering, these decisions aren't just random numbers out in internet land - they are real people and real believers really follow up with them. You could even help with that by clicking here. Finally, don't forget to pray for these people as you watch these live decisions for Christ and don't forget to share these sites with friends and on your networksCould evangelism get any simpler? Have a great day sharing your faith!

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