Thursday, October 7, 2010

Idea: "The Social Network" and "Wall Street"

Entertainment and movies always provide great opportunities to share the Good News. I've linked the plugged in review of 2 of this week's top movies along with their "film talk cards from, to give you some ideas for bringing conversations about any of these movies back around to the gospel. 

1. The Social Network. You can get the "film talk card" for "The Social Network" here. It says, "The Social Network can stimulate discussions about what it means to be a friend, the dangers of revenge and envy, and why worldly success often disappoints. The Social Network can also inspire talk about viewing other people as mere tools, and how anticipating a future judgment can alter how we live today." 

2. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. You can get the "film talk card" for "Wall Street" here. It says, "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps can stimulate discussions about how we determine what is important in our lives, what constitutes real work, and the fleeting nature of riches. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps can also inspire talk about the value of trust in a relationship, and why selfish ambition leads to destruction."

Whether you've already seen these movies or will be watching them soon (find more info, tickets and show times here) use the notes above to transition to a spiritual conversation and then just work through the Sound Barriers.  Check out our last Ministry Leadership Training Class on "Sharing Your Faith with Confidence" for more on working through the Sound Barriers. 

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