Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bread and Water

Everyone committed to a life of evangelism will at times find themselves dealing with discouragement (see this post on hopelessness, discouragement and despair). You might find yourself in Elijah's shoes - God comes through huge for you (1 Kings 18:16-46) but almost instantly you're back to a place of fear and depression, exhausted, tired and running from God (1 Kings 19:1-5). You might relate to the Israelites, who after being freed miraculously, were lost and wandering, hungry and thirsty in the desert. You might be focussed, like Martha, on all that needs to be done (Lk.10:40) and maybe to a degree, like Jesus' disciples, that you have no time to eat or drink yourself (Mk.6:31). Just like God refreshed Elijah with bread and water that sustained him for 40 days (1 Kings 19:5-8) and the Israelites with manna and water in the desert (Neh.9:15), He still desires to satify the thirsty and fill the hungry with good things (Ps.107:9). If you could use some of that spiritual bread and water, remember your source, Jesus, who calls out syaing, "I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty (Jn.6:35)" and "If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him (Jn.7:37-38)." He is calling us, like He did his disciples, to connect with Him (Mk.6:31) and to be satisfied with the one and only thing that matters (Lk.10:42) - Him! Check out more thoughts on that in the MP3 below. Well, I hope that encourages you in the battle and I pray you'll find great joy in evangelism. Have a great day sharing your faith!

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