Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Idea: Tell Someone how God Came Through for You!

We've been fighting our insurance company for 16 weeks about payment for our 2nd daughter's delivery this summer. They were legally required to pay the $19,000 bill but initially rejected it. We've been waiting forever for a review which we found, last Friday, had been denied. I asked our prayer team (many of you probably got that e-mail) to pray God would change their minds. Yesterday, about 3 hours after I sent out that e-mail, I got a call from the main lady overseeing our review; she said she was sorry for overlooking something and said, "disregard the denial we sent you, we have paid this bill." That brings me to the idea for today: tell a non-Christian in your sphere of influence something amazing your Father has done in your life in the last couple of weeks. Brag on God. Praise Him (praise means declaring His character and acts). He's is your heavenly Father and the source of every good thing you have (James 1:17). Talk freely about what He's done for you and all you have to be thankful for. This will lead to an obvious opportunity for you to bring up the gospel. Next time you find yourself in a conversation with someone you want to share with simply share a story of God's faithfulness and then get to the gospel from there. I hope you have a blast telling others about what God has done in your life and I hope you get to share the gospel in every one of those conversations. If this story encouraged you, it's just one more story of God's provision in our lives. Check out the MP3 below for more unbelievable stories of His provision (if you need Him to provide, these stories will encourage you a ton). Have a great day sharing the Good News today guys. 

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