Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Idea: Get Excited About Telemarketing Calls!

We all hate those annoying telemarketing calls! Our number is on the "do not call" list but we still get calls all the time. Linn, our pastor's wife (you should check out her adoption blog here) recently shared a story about how she got to witness to one of these callers. It was amazing! It encouraged me to begin taking advantage of every telemarketing and/or business call I get. The screenshot above is just a simple example of a way you can do this. You might not be able to go through the full gospel but whether your getting on-line help, paying a bill or talking to a telemarketer they are kind of a "captive audience." I was able to share quite extensively with a call center employee in Mumbai, India recently. Make sure to make the most of these short but amazing opportunities. Next time you get one of those "annoying" telemarketing calls think of it as a gift - an opportunity to reach someone for Christ!

Also, if you're hitting a wall in your personal evangelism or ministry as a whole, you most likely need to be meeting more new people. Yesterday's post (check it out here) will give you tons of new ideas to meet more people. I hope it encourages you a ton!

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