Friday, August 27, 2010

What do Hot dogs have to do with the Good News?

Which of the these men do you think is most hungry? Which one do you think could eat the most? If I had to pick I would naturally choose the biggest, thinking he'd be the hungriest. We often do this with evangelism. We can easily begin to try to analyze where people are at and assume a whole lot that we really shouldn't assume. We heard a speaker at the Denver Christmas Conference a few years ago teaching on the parable of the sower (Mt.13:1-9). He asked what kind of a farmer sows seed among thorns, in rocks and on the road. He concluded, "a moron!" He then continued, saying, "God called us to be seed chuckers, not soil specialists." He was right on the money. It is so easy to try to guess which people would be most receptive in stead of sharing the greatest news and only true hope with everyone I can, letting God work in their hearts. This is a huge mistake. If you thought the bigger guys in the picture above could put down more dogs you were wrong. Similarly we can't assume who is ready to trust Christ - only they and the Holy Spirit know that. We can't pre-judge! I hope this funny analogy encourages you to share your faith with people around you regardless of what they look, dress or talk like - love them all with the love and message of God Himself! Read this post for more on how to know if someone is ready to hear the gospel and check out the video below to find out which of these men won the hot dog eating contest! (Is it just me or do those guys take this competition a little too seriously?)

For an encouraging message on the greatest revival in history, check out this MP3!

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