Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Evangelism idea: Follow up!


Get our evangelism follow up training here. We've been sharing evangelism ideas, resources and stories for about 6 weeks now. I'm sure you've applied many of the ideas listed so far. The idea for today is very simple. God has undoubtedly been working on peoples' hearts since you last shared with them. I would encourage you to re-connect with someone you've shared with in the past and ask them some follow up questions. You could ask, "have you thought any more about what we talked about," "have any new questions come to your mind since we last talked" or "what would keep you from putting your trust in Christ?" You could invite this person out for coffee or lunch and talk more about Jesus. We've had students take up to 4 years of these conversations before trusting Christ. One guy I shared with, "B," met with me every week for 8 weeks before trusting Christ and it usually takes someone 6 or more times hearing the gospel before they trust Christ. So find someone you've shared with and try to do some follow-up with that person! If you know of anyone that has trusted Christ recently or if the person you share with does, take the next follow-up step and begin doing some basic discipleship with them. You can get discipleship ideas, resources and tools at our discipleship resources page. Our favorite tool on that page is our discipleship packet (we hope this tool will be a great resource for you). One last note, nearly every time someone comes to Christ they will be immediately attacked (Satan doesn't like to loose). I remember one guy we led to Christ who lost something very important to him and got into a car crash the afternoon after he trusted Christ. He needed to be encouraged that he had made the right decision regardless of opposition. For a good article by evangelism.net on that click here. Have a blast doing follow-up and sharing the Good News today!


  1. great idea about following up with someone you've talked to recently! always a good thing to do.

    thanks for the shout out!