Sunday, August 1, 2010

Evangelism idea: Ask someone about their weekend!

Here's a super easy idea you could use sometime this week. It might work best tomorrow but could also work later too. It will also work best with people you've never discussed your faith with before. This is a great idea for all of you going back to work tomorrow. Start out by asking people you see tomorrow what they did this weekend. Then listen. When they are done telling you about their weekend, they will probably ask you the same thing. When they do, tell them your weekend was great and mention that you had a great time at church. You could also mention something other than church as long as you can relate it to God (ex. a retreat, a Christian book you read, etc). Then ask them if they have any kind of background in Christianity or church. You will very likely find yourself in the middle of an interesting spiritual conversation. Look for opportunities to go through the gospel with them from there. No matter where they are at with Jesus, invite them to your church next week. This doesn't replace evangelism (you should never do this in stead of sharing the gospel with them) but it is a friendly gesture and you'll be surprised how often people will take you up on it. Dr Thom Rainer says that "82% of the unchurched are at least somewhat likely to attend church if invited." You can get more stats like that here. I call this idea "throwing out the line." The second you ask "what did you do last weekend" you open up a conversation that will quickly and easily go towards the gospel. As you throw out the line and then continue with your answer when they ask you you are respectfully giving them an opportunity to "bite." Good chance they will. Mt.4:19. For some great ideas on how to transition every conversation to the gospel, check out the worksheet here and listen to the MP3 below. I am sure you will have a blast doing this and can't wait to hear your stories (please comment on this post and share them with us).

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