Monday, August 30, 2010

7,000,000 college students want you to tell them about Jesus!

This is a picture of Erin and I with our team of students committed to reaching FLC! In the past 4 days we've met over 200 students and had some level of spiritual conversation with all of them. 96.7% of those students have at least some interest in spiritual issues and the average spiritual interest level is 6.3 out of 10. Roughly 1/3 of these 200 students want to get together to talk more about Jesus Christ. There are over 18 million college student here in the US. If you extrapolated our stats you'd come up with the following numbers: 17,406,000 would have some level of spiritual interest and on average that spiritual interest would be quite high (6.3 out of 10). Of those students, nearly 7 million would be interested in talking one-on-one about Jesus!!! Talk about the harvest being ripe!!! Unfortunately, over years of college ministry, we have found that although almost all of them are interested in talking about Jesus, over 90% of college students are clueless about how to have a relationship with Christ and very few people are sharing the Gospel with them because they believe the lie that students aren't interested! It is time we start sharing the Good News with them! On that note, check out this post for the gospel straight from Jesus' mouth.

For all of you college students, check out this MP3 on taking a stand in college!

Everything is rolling here. Our 1st big event - the kick-off BBQ went GREAT!!! There were around 100 college students. Many of these were new students. We asked you to pray it wouldn't rain. When we e-mailed everyone it was dark and cloudy. About an hour before the BBQ the skies turned blue and they stayed that way until an hour after at which point it began pouring. Thank you for praying!!! Pray for good weather for our outdoor meeting on campus tomorrow (we'll be sharing the Good News over a sound system in the middle of the campus - pray it won't rain and pray tons of students will hear us). This will be a HUGE week. We'll be on campus every day this week. Please keep praying for us. Pray we'll share the Good News boldly and fearlessly as we should. Finally, please tell us what God has been doing in your life and please check out the short video below for an idea on some of what we do to connect with students!

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