Friday, July 2, 2010

Evangelism idea for July 3rd-4th - Are you free?

Here's the evangelism idea for this weekend. As you all know, the 4th of July is coming up. Sometime over the course of the next few days tell someone, "Happy Fourth of July," or ask them what they're doing for the 4th or whatever. The point is to bring up the 4th of July. Once you're there ask them what they think freedom is all about. Listen to their answer. Then, ask them if they feel like they are experiencing true freedom personally. Those are the transition questions and they lead to a very obvious direction setting question. Ask them if they have 3 minutes for you to briefly tell them how you found freedom in Jesus Christ. Then, share your testimony (keep this short and concise and use our testimony worksheet here if you need help). Make sure to include the gospel as you share and ask them what they think when you are done. Check out the video below for a good example of a personal testimony. I hope you get a chance to do this, or yesterday's idea, or both, this weekend! As Bill Bright would always say, take the initiative in the power of the Holy Spirit and trust the results to God. Have a GREAT 4th! Gal.5:1.

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