Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Simple question that shows if someone is open

I was talking to my friend yesterday about money issues. He said he was bummend that he had a dental disease that would cost him $4,000 to fix, but he was in the process of buying a house and could not afford both. I asked "Wow, can I pray for you right now" He said "yes" and we bowed our heads for a 30 minute prayer. After which he said "thanks, I pray sometimes, but feel like I am asking for too much for myself" I was able to share scripture of Jesus telling us to ask him for things. Then I asked if he had "a relationship with God, or if it was something he was working on?" He said he was "working on it". I asked if he was willing to check out a booklet that summarized what a relationship with God began with, He said "yes".

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